Regione Puglia


To promote territory through cinema and cinema through territory.
From this watchword the Cinerapsodi Association was born thanks to victory of “Principi attivi 2010” notice, promoted by Apulia Region, the Cinerapsodi Association aims at raising awareness and cultural promotion of Ionian province. To give new impulse to sustainable tourism development, environmental and artistic heritage protection and improvement . In order to achieve this goal, the association will use innovative media and methods, pillars on which modern Information and Communication Technology rests, by exploiting and improving potential and resources that Cinema offers, developing works such as documentaries, shortfilms and multimedia products, supporting Cinematographic and Theatrical research, national and foreign productions, and Apulian authors' editorial works. In order to ensure achievement of its goals, Cinerapsodi forged collaborations and partnerships with the most important cultural institutions of territory such as the Paolo Grassi Foundation, the Valle d'Itria Festival of Martina Franca and the Crest Theater of Taranto

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